Tips for Choosing a Caravan Awnings

Porches and Caravan awnings are well-designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They can be used in different conditions. Some of them are very light and easy to build. This is a feature that has made them ideal for weekends. This guide is going to take you through the important details that can help you in choosing the right.

Full awnings vs. porch

This is a critical decision that you needs to be made before picking the frame material. Are you interested in a porch or an awning that runs through the entire length of the caravan? This is determined by how you intend to use your equipment. Full awnings are known for giving maximum space making them ideal options for holidays. You can use them when you are planning to stay for more than one awning

Constructing full caravan awnings takes more time than porches. They have a big living space measuring 3.m by 2 m. The only issue with them is that they are heavy to transport and handle. In fact, some of them weigh up to 50 kg. This means that they might affect the other payload that you are planning to carry. On the other hand, porches are lighter to transport and quicker to construct. They are relatively small than full awnings, but the bigger ones have a space that is large like that of full awnings.

Space needed

Some people use awnings for dining. Such people should choose big equipment to accommodate some chairs and a table for everyone. You can also use the awning to shelter cycles or put your barbecue once it has cooled. An extra space might also be needed to hang the towels. These are some of the guiding factors that can help you in refining your search. Awnings come in different sizes and designs. The model, year and make of the caravan can also determine the size of the awning.

Construction materials


Awnings frame is made of different materials including glass fiber, steel, and aluminum. With the different options available, users can choose their preferred materials that suit their use.


It is one of the best options for awnings. Frames made of steel can be used in different weather conditions. Steel frames are heavier than aluminium awning

Glass-fibre and aluminum

These are some of the light-weight options. They are suitable for touring. Another thing that needs to be considered is the awnings’ weight to the caravan’s payload. Glass-fiber and aluminum frames are light and easier to handle than steel.