Top Tips for an Effective Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

Starting a kitchen remodel project is both nerve-wracking and exciting. You can make this less nerve-wracking. There is a need to try ideas that make the process easier, more successful, and less expensive. Check this given collection of tips for turning your kitchen remodel into a journey that can ensure you have a kitchen of your dreams.

Try an Island

If you want a lot of storage and counter space, then consider adding a center island. However, an island is likely to limit the number of people who work in your kitchen. Moreover, it will create cramped quarters and reduce traffic flow. It is advisable to try to out an island before you commit to one.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

kitchen interior designThe good thing about the temporary kitchen is that it allows you to wash dishes, cook, and prepare your morning coffee when the main kitchen is out of bounds. You should save a few of your old countertops and old cabinets to create a makeshift kitchen. In this case, you do not need to have a fancy setup. Start by installing cabinets and cut the countertop to fit whenever necessary. After this, add the items you require to prepare meals such as hot plate, toaster oven, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and microwave.

Create Space for Mini Office

If you are going to use the kitchen as your office, then you need to include this in the remodel. Remember that you do not require a lot of space. Rather, you only need a small space with a computer station. Also, remember to add internet access and outlets for plugging in the computer equipment. You will also need to add storage space like a recessed wall cabinet and shelving to ensure your paperwork does not create
a mess or get lost.

Leave Space for a Big Fridge

Maybe you want to get new cabinets but keep your old refrigerator. In such a case, you should leave adequate space between the cabinets so you can replace the fridge with a wider model later on. The extra space left can be filled by panels and filler strips.

Watch Out for Floor Gaps

modern kitchenIf you want to keep your existing floor and to replace cabinets, then you will deal with the gaps between the old floor and new cabinets. For instance, if the new cabinets do not fit into the existing cabinet footprint, you will be left with some gaps. Ensure the total width of new cabinets matches the overall width of those you are replacing.