In-depth Coverage on The Best Home Builder in Chicago

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Still toying with fairy dreams of owning a castle? Did the condos and villas that you saw during your last beach visit awe you? While you have been holding the picturesque idea and sight as mere thoughts, it is a time you actualized them. Having built and refurbished more than 2000 homes in Chicago, Icon Building Group are the best home builder in Chicago.

Icon Building Group

Wondering why you should hire theĀ Icon Home Builders in Chicago? Check the following.


Every three out of five homeowners in Chicago have made contact with them. Why is this so? Since establishment, we have built custom homes with specifications from clients. Moreover, refurbishment and renovation have been done to both new and old homes. While working on your construction project, attention is paid to detail. Such detail includes minor makeover that may entail design or finish.

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Creative team

Ever thought of sharing with a comprehensive team of professionals? Yes, because it is everyone’s dream. Icon Building Group has a creative team that incorporates top construction professionals. These professionals form a personal home building informative resource. Among the members are interior designers, construction managers, architects and skilled craftsmen with a broad base of professionalism.


How does it feel when your hired constructors reject your customized features? If intending to avoid this, let the best home builder in Chicago be your partner. Flexibility is encouraged by the knowledgeable team of builders who accept change, analyze then translate it to a physical act such as remodeling and renovation.

What makes Icon Building Group the best home builder in Chicago?
Systematic approach towards every activity

Being crowned the best means we reign the entire Chicago building industry. Indeed, we are the best builder since we have professional architects that help during the whole home building process. To ensure you are a partaker of your home building activity, we take you through the entire building life cycle that involves:

– Initial structural design
– Conceptual drawing
– Cost estimation and budget control
– Feasibility studies on the proposed home design
– Plan blueprinting and 3D design
– Actual construction


Right choice of materials

Every building is well designed, but the selection of building materials used can tamper with the outlook, appeal, and robustness. To save you the expensive durability checks, we select materials carefully to ensure they meet the set quality standards. Moreover, simple tasks such as cabinet design, home fixtures and installations are done with utmost professionalism.

Dream no more! Let the best home builder in Chicago actualize your dreams. Let Icon Building Group build, refurbish and renovate your dream home.