Ways to deal with ants infestation at home

ants on leaves

Ants invade a household because they are in need of food and shelter. Although ants are not known for carrying deadly diseases, they are usually very annoying. Besides, some ants can deliver a painful and dangerous bite. For this reason, it is best to take immediate action once you find ants marching on your walls or floor.

Places where ants are foundants

Ants are found at various locations, including offices, hospitals, and residential homes. A lot of homeowners also find ant nests in their garden or near their outdoor garden sheds. If you want to determine where these ants are coming from, here are a few places where you can look for them:

  • Inside and near wall socket
  • Behind and around taps and pipes
  • Kitchen and bedroom surfaces
  • Inside wall cracks, ceilings, or other small holes in your home
  • Under pieces of furniture

How to Keep Them Out!- How To Deter Ants

Once you have determined the common areas where ants might dwell, it is best to take action by keeping them out of your home. Ant infestation can be controlled by making it clear that they are not welcomed. Since ants are still considered beneficial insects naturally, it is best to use natural pest control solutions.

Seal Potential Entry Points

You must find a way to seal off any potential entrances in your household that ants might use. You can use natural fibrous materials to seal such areas. For instance, you can use a caulking gun since it keeps the insects and bugs out and it also keeps your home well insulated. The main areas you need to focus on are the walls, floorboards, ceilings, and cracks in the walls.

Use Natural Ant Barriers

Since you cannot possibly seal all of the potential access points, you can use naturally occurring materials and organic insect and bug barriers to deter these insects from entering your house. A lot of pest control experts suggest using best borax killer for ants. Moreover, there are other natural ant barriers that are safe to use and still very efficient.

Keep Your Home Cleanblack ants

You must do your part in discouraging ants from entering your household again. To do so, you have to get rid of possible ant attractants. For instance, you must immediately clean up food and other attractive substances. Keep your home clean before starting to exterminate them.

Put your food in airtight and sealed containers. Do this also for your pet food. Refrigerate your food, and avoid letting used dishes sit for long. Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly. The vacuum can also get rid of existing ants that are still dwelling in your home.