Choosing the most efficient space heater

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We have many space heater from different manufacturers; they have different features which enable them work. However, you need to find the best ones for saving on energy bills.

Here are the tips when choosing the most efficient space heater

How Much Space Are You Heating?

Since the majority of space heaters have a maximum capacity of fifteen hundred watts (5120 BTUs), they will not heat up any more than 400 sq ft. The results you get from any space heater will change based on room ceiling height as well as the amount and quality of your home’s insulation.

A drafty room with 8-foot ceilings will not achieve the equivalent degree of comfort as a room with 7-foot ceilings in a well-insulated home using the same heater.


If you are interested in adding supplemental heat to an office cubicle, computer station, or small workspace, a compact infrared heater will supply ample warmth. For under the desk heat, a low wattage radiant heat panel will keep your lower extremities pleasantly toasty.

Do You Have Children or Pets?

Space heater safety assumes increased significance when you have curious little ones and noisy pets about.
The safest space heater for use around kids or your pets will always be the one that is out of reach. Individual thermic flat panel heaters may be wall mounted which makes them unreachable. An additional choice is the ever popular oil filled radiator model heater. These kinds of heating units tend to be warm, but not dangerously hot to touch.

Do You Have Allergies or Breathing Difficulties?

If this is the case, you should be aware that heaters with fans have a tendency to stir up dust and allergens. You could avoid this kind of situation by getting a mica thermic, oil filled, or infrared heater without a fan. Most of the new quartz infrared heaters with fans are now outfitted with air filters which will also do away with this particular issue.

Space Heater Safety

HeaterTake time to read the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. If you have to make use of an extension cord, make sure it’s a power strip type surge protector.

Position your space heater on a level surface away from combustibles and don’t use it to dry clothes. Don’t leave your small space heater running when you’re not at home. If you want an individual room to be comfortable when you return home from work, purchase a space heater with a programmable thermostat. Also, purchase only the models that are UL or ETL listed and are equipped with the tip over (automatic off) switches and overheat protection.